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Digital Transformation: Lessons learned from Retail

HealthNxt: The Next Great Advance in Virtual Care

Enabling Digital Foundations for the Future

The Rise of Virtual Care - Survival of the Digitalist

Virtual Care in Population Health

CEO to CEO Leadership Perspectives

How to move to a Virtual EHR Training Model

The Evolution of the Chief Information Officer

Leadership Insights with Russell Branzell

How blockchain can prevent the next global pandemic

Virtual Care: No Health Equity without Social Equity feat. Dr. Raju

Leadership Insights with Scott Becker

Emerging Leadership Lessons: An Interview with Bill Russell

Introducing the Digital Healthcare Transformation Playbook

Mastering Digital Distance with Daily Huddles

Pandemic Response as part of your DR/BC Solution

Defining Digital Transformation with Ed Marx

Getting Started With Epic Telemedicine Integration

What is Healthcare Digital Transformation?

Webinar Series Launch - Digital Unplugged with Ed Marx

HCI Group at CHIME19 Fall CIO Forum

How Outsourced QA Resources Can Support Strong Integration Delivery

3 Reasons To Hire NextGen Go-Live Support

Why A “War Room” Could Save Your MEDITECH Go-Live

Why An EHR Alone Isn’t Going To Make Population Health Possible

5 Ways To Spot A Weak Link On Your EHR Implementation Project Team

Why Workflow Assessment Is Vital For Delivering Revenue Cycle Optimization That Sticks

3 Housekeeping Tips To Optimize Cerner Training

3 Ways That Interoperability Benefits Health Systems And Their Bottom Line

MEDITECH Consulting Corner: Kelly Moxon Interview

Why EHR Integration And Testing Resources Should Receive HIPAA Training

The Critical Importance of Engaging the Right Resources for EHR Implementation

3 Tips For Impressive Integration Project Management

Epic in the Cloud

Harnessing The Opportunity To Do Better In The Midst Of EHR Implementation

The Importance Of Solid Workflows For Automation In Healthcare

3 Tips For Creating Epic Training Materials That Will Actually Get The Job Done

The Importance of MVP Scope For Integration

The Business Case For IT Managed Services For Healthcare Systems

Maximizing The ROI Of EHR Implementation With Clinical Service Desk

The Tension Between HITRUST and User Experience in Healthcare IT

3 Great Communication Channels for EHR Implementation Teams

Why End-To-End Testing Will Make Or Break Healthcare Integration Efforts

The Importance Of Why For Epic Implementation and Training

The Future of Health System Success Is Healthcare Consumer Engagement

Healthcare IT Integration Is Never Straightforward

The Importance of User Experience For Interoperability Adoption

White Paper: Designing Smart Hospitals and Patient Rooms with 5G

The HCI Group at HIMSS19

CIO's: 8 Ways to Prepare Yourself for HIMSS19

Creative Solutions to EHR Training Challenges (Part Two)

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

Creative Solutions to EHR Training Challenges (Part One)

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Healthcare

Consumerism of Care: Where to Begin? (Part Three)

Consumerism of Care: Where to Begin? (Part Two)

Consumerism of Care: Where to Begin? (Part One)

How Blockchain can be used in Healthcare

Ricky Caplin Interview - August 2018 (Part Two)

Ricky Caplin Interview - August 2018 (Part One)

Data Backup Systems: 5 Point Checklist

4 Best Practices for Securing EHR Data in a Consumer-Centric World

Revenue Cycle Optimization: Enhance the Patient Experience with Epic Patient Estimates

Revenue Cycle Optimization: Epic Real Time Eligibility Integration

3 Things Healthcare Providers Should Be Using By 2020: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation

Healthcare IT Leaders Series: Tanya Townsend (Part Two)

The New Future of Data Automation: What Role will Alexa Play in Tomorrow’s EHR Integrations?

Healthcare IT Leaders Series: Tanya Townsend (Part One)

Hospital CIOs: 5 Simple Ways You Can Prepare for a Disaster

EHR Training: Don't Forget These Seven Areas

Healthcare CIOs: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Weeds Out of Your Projects

3 Essential Elements for Post-Go-Live Training

Building a Healthcare Chatbot isn't Brain Surgery

Virtual EHR Training: 6 Benefits That You Can't Ignore

The Cost Benefits of Automation in Healthcare

Seven of the Biggest Concerns for Healthcare CIOs

Implementing IT Managed Services for Healthcare: 3 Steps to Success

Project Spotlight: Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (UK), Part 3 - Mandy Griffin, Managing Director - Digital Health

Project Spotlight: Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (UK), Part 2 - Jackie Murphy & Dr. Allistair Morris

Project Spotlight: Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (UK), Part 1 - Owen Williams, Chief Executive

Case Study: St. Luke's Goes 7 for 7 on HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7

White Paper: Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Managed IT Services for Healthcare: 4 Considerations for Choosing the Ideal Partner

Revenue Cycle Management: Improving Efficiency and Increasing Revenue with Robotic Process Automation


Managed IT Services for Healthcare: 3 Must-Have Benefits

EHR Implementation: Solutions to Common Staffing Problems

Revenue Cycle Optimization: 3 Benefits of Collecting Payments Upfront

Healthcare is now the Largest Employer in the U.S.

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

Identifying Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare IT

Healthcare 2025: Digital Healthcare Platforms First

Healthcare 2025: Transforming to a New Model of Care

3 Tips for Being Survey Ready for HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7

Hosted Healthcare Integration: 5 Questions to Ask about Cutting Costs and Reducing Liability with Solution-as-a-Service

5 Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Considerations

5 Must-Have Tools for Achieving EMRAM Stage 7

Blockchain in Healthcare

Continuous Availability of Clinical Applications

Management of Enterprise IT in Healthcare Environments

Achieving Cost Savings with Healthcare IT Managed Services

3 Key Milestones to HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Award

Revenue Cycle Optimization: End-to-End Assessments

EHR Integration: The Top 5 Reasons to Implement an Effective Enterprise Testing Strategy

Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How? (Part 3)

Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How? (Part 2)

10 Areas of Focus for Planning Your Epic Upgrade

Archiving: Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategy

Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How? (Part 1)

5-Step Epic Optimization Program

EHR Integration: Top 5 Reasons to Implement a SaaS Hosted Integration Solution

EHR Implementation: You've Signed a New EHR Contract, Now What?

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Responding to Petya/NotPetya Attack

7 Tips for HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 Preparation

When is the Best Time for an EHR Go-Live?

Are you Prepared for EMRAM Stage 7?

Digital Transformation = Cultural Transformation

3 Roadblocks to Digital Transformation

David Chou on Leading Digital Transformation

Responding to the WannaCry Cyber Attack

Four Cyber Security Threats to Healthcare that You Can’t Ignore

9 Essential Cyber Security Measures for Healthcare

10 EHR Testing Questions To Avoid Costly Errors

How to Improve Physician Adoption with Peer-to-Peer Training

Three Steps to Prepare for MACRA

EMR Go-Live: 5 Tips for Building a Useful RFP

(Healthcare IT Podcast) MACRA: Preparation, Benefits, and Third-Party Assistance

Cyber Security Series: Ransomware and Unpatched/Unmanaged Equipment

Cyber Security Series: Business Email Compromise

EHR Implementation: 3 Planning Considerations

(Healthcare IT Podcast) Epic Community Connect: Preparation, Leadership, and Marketing ft. Scott Jacobs

See You at HIMSS17!

MACRA: 3 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EHR Training: Best Methods for Ongoing New Hire Training

What is MACRA and What Does it Mean for Me?

EHR Implementation: 3 Overlooked Areas During the Design & Build

Top 10 Most Popular EHR Blog Posts of 2016

Our Most Popular Cerner Blog Posts of 2016

Cyber Security: Handling Insider and Outsider Threats (Part 2)

Cyber Security: Identifying Insider and Outsider Threats (Part 1)

Epic Community Connect: 3 Executives Who Stand to Benefit From An Outreach Program

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EPR Readiness: What Goes into an EPR Implementation, and How to Prepare ft. Dave Lang

How to Maintain a High Level of Patient Care When Your EHR Goes Down

Healthcare Innovation: Why You Need an Innovation Team

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EHR Training: Developing Your Curriculum, Using Your LMS, and Organizing Your CTs ft. Stephen Tokarz

EHR Training: Commonly Overlooked Areas

EHR Implementation: Choosing and Supporting Your Super Users

(Healthcare IT Podcast) Why PMO is Beneficial to Organizations in Achieving their Goals ft. John Kocon

Hybrid EMR Training: The Pros and Cons of Utilizing Local and Non-Local Trainers

Cyber Security: Insider Threat and The “Unknown Unknown”

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EMR Training: What Goes in to Achieving High Levels of Adoption ft. Jason Huckabay

Epic Community Connect: What Makes it so Beneficial for Healthcare Organizations?

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EHR Implementation: Thoughts on the Role of Leadership ft. Kelly Dungee

EHR Implementation: The Who, What, and Why of Governance Structures

Epic Upgrades: 3 Considerations When Deciding Between a Single or Double Upgrade

(Healthcare IT Podcast) Healthcare Innovation: What 2025 Will Look Like, and How to Prepare ft. John McDaniel

EMR Post Go-Live Support: Why You Need a Clinical Service Desk & Analytics

Our Top 5 Posts on Epic Staffing

(Healthcare IT Podcast) Epic Upgrades: Key Strategies and Cost Considerations

You’ve Signed Epic: Now What?

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EMR Training: Discussion on Costs, Scheduling, and Best Practices ft. Bob Steele

Epic Community Connect: 3 Cost Considerations

Post EMR Implementation: BAU, Goals, and HIMSS Stage 7

(Healthcare IT Podcast) Post EMR Implementation: Operational Readiness & Support

McKesson Horizon Legacy Support: The Case for Third Party Assistance

(Healthcare IT Podcast) Healthcare Cyber Security: UBA & Insider/Outsider Threat with Ryan McDaniel

EMR Data Migration: 3 Planning Considerations

(Healthcare IT Podcast) EHR Implementation: David Chou on Change, Communication & Leadership

EMR Go-Live Vendor Selection: 5 Questions to Ask

3 Unexpected Issues to Look Out for During an EMR Go-Live

4 Remote EMR Training Considerations

Cerner Training: 4 Areas Your Organization Can’t Overlook

EMR Go-Live: Managing Your Budget, Command Structure, and Support Team

Epic Ambulatory Go-Live: 3 Tips to Avoid Revenue Loss

3 Things You Need To Know Before Beginning Your EHR Training Program

8 Strategies for an Effective EMR Go-Live

EHR Training Best Practices: Part 3 of 3

8 Solutions to Healthcare Data Migration Problems (Part 2)

EHR Training Best Practices: Part 2 of 3

8 Solutions to Healthcare Data Migration Problems (Part 1)

EHR Training Best Practices: Part 1 of 3

How to Become Epic Certified and Why You Should Do It

MEDITECH Training: 4 Areas That Require Special Consideration

Epic Credentialed Trainers: Before, During & Post Go-Live

Epic Community Connect: 7 Keys to Unlocking Your ROI

Epic Community Connect: 4 Initial Considerations

Data Migration: 4 Steps to Archiving Your Legacy Data

Go-Live Support: Security & Access Issues

Interface Engine Selection – 3 Things to Consider

Go-Live Support: Procedures & Reporting

Epic Community Connect – Key Goals to Set Before You Start Your Project

Go-Live Support: Training and Super-User Support

Go-Live Support: Pre & Post Go-Live Planning

Cerner Clinical Service Desk: Why Should an Organization Invest?

Go-Live Support: Operation Communication

Go-Live Support: Introduction to New Series

Epic Implementation: Staffing Models to Help Lower Support Costs (Video)

Anything and Everything EMR: Best of Clinical Service Desk

PeopleSoft Upgrade vs. Reimplementation Review

Epic EMR Training: A Guide for the Epic Training Director

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