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Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017
Posted by The HCI Group
on January 3, 2018 at 11:28 AM


With the close of 2017, we thought you might enjoy a compilation of the top 10 most popular blog posts of 2017, in one place. We hope you enjoyed the content from 2017, and look forward to even more helpful information in 2018. 

Before we jump into the top 10 blog posts from 2017, we will announce our upcoming webinar: Managed Services 101: When and Where to Start, featuring healthcare IT leader Chris Belmont. Click on the banner below for more information. 


1) Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How? (Part 1)

Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How?

This blog post reviews is part of an interview with David Chou and John McDaniel on many questions about digital transformation in healthcare, including: 

  • Digital transformation in healthcare means a lot of things to many different people, what does it mean to you?

  • To what extent, and how is healthcare catching up, or beginning to surpass other industries from a technology perspective?

  • What kind of milestones are there for healthcare organizations to digitally transform?

This blog post came as a follow-up from the widely attended webinar: The Journey Toward Digital Transformation





2) 5-Step Epic Optimization Program

5-Step Epic Optimization Program

Is your Epic system in need of a refresh?

Health systems across the globe face the challenge of balancing the competing daily demands of supporting their current systems and expansion, with the need to continue investing in systems optimization.

This blog covers 5 steps for building your epic optimization program and includes a white paper | 5 Epic Upgrade Considerations 

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3) Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How? (Part 2)

Healthcare Digital Transformation: What, Why & How?

This is the second part of a three part interview with David Chou and John McDaniel on digital transformation. 

This blog post answers questions like:

  • How do you evangelize to healthcare executives who are accustomed to fee-for-service, that the success of digital transformation in healthcare goes hand-in-hand with improving patient care?

  • Healthcare digital transformation often involves an improvement in business process, and the workflow and technology that supports it. What processes are at top of the list for providers, and what technologies are needed to support them?

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4) 9 Essential Cyber Security Measures for Healthcare

9 Essential Cyber Security Measures for Healthcare

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then effective cyber security measures are worth a ton for healthcare organizations because your data could be compromised at any time from any point.


This post covers security measures, including: 

  • Password policy
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Application white listing
  • Managed Equipment
  • Testing
  • Detection program
  • Third-party policy
  • Catch, match and patch framework
  • Education

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5) Healthcare 2025: Transforming to a New Model of Care

Healthcare 2025

At this point, we can take for granted that digital transformation in healthcare is well under way. Hospitals have hired CIOs, who are busy charting out Enterprise IT transformation road maps and using technology to deliver care outside their hospitals. Medical Device manufacturers are focusing on improving clinical outcomes through enhanced patient engagement. Payers are expecting value, while talking about proactive interventions and reducing re-admissions. Patients are becoming more engaged as an active participant in the care process and therefore expect more consumerism based healthcare technologies enabling proactive care/coaching.

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6) 10 Areas of Focus for Planning Your Epic Upgrade

10 Areas of Focus for Planning Your Epic Upgrade

When the time comes for your Epic upgrade, proper planning and execution is imperative to your success. In this post, we've compiled a list of 10 areas of focus for you to consider with planning for your Epic upgrade.

  • Plan well ahead
  • Comprehensive project plan
  • Allow ample time for note review
  • Engage operational stakeholders
  • Understand the epic upgrade process
  • Limit and account for version skew
  • Develop training strategy
  • Detailed minute-by-minute plan
  • Plan for a command center
  • Epic optimization

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7) EHR Implementation: 3 Planning Considerations

EHR Implementation: 3 Planning Considerations

Making sure that your organization has done extensive planning can go a long way in alleviating some of the issues that can arise during an EHR implementation. In today’s blog post, HCI's Cindy Klukas goes over 3 areas that organizations must consider when planning for an EHR implementation project.

This blog also addresses:

  • Pace and type of EHR implementation
  • Technical issues
  • Staffing your EHR implementation
  • A FREE download for an Epic implementation guide

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8) When is the Best Time for an EHR Go-Live?

When is the Best Time for an EHR Go-Live

Learn from our industry experts who share their opinion of the big question: 

When is the best time to do an EHR go-live?

This blog covers best times, including  statistics from past experience, as well as additional tips for success during an EHR go-live.

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9) Achieving Cost Savings with Healthcare IT Managed Services

Achieving Cost Savings with Healthcare IT Managed Services

The use of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) solutions can present great advantages and can produce many challenges for CIO’s. Healthcare IT professionals all know that HIT has made a tremendous impact on the delivery of healthcare services, both from a provider and a patient perspective. 

This blog covers: 

  • HIT managed services partners
  • HIT managed services stability
  • Modeling for success

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10) Blockchain in Healthcare

Block Chain In Healthcare

It’s not very often when a new technology comes along that has the potential to completely disrupt an industry, or affect how an entire society trusts, communicates and transacts with each other. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt healthcare and change how we, as consumers and patients, interact with our healthcare service providers. 

Learn more in this post about: 

  • How blockchain can provide solutions in HIT 
  • Patient & provider identity
  • The need for blockchain in healthcare
  • Blockchain in healthcare examples

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