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3 Key Milestones to HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Award

Posted by The HCI Group on October 13, 2017 at 4:25 PM

3 Key Milestones to HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Award

Are you looking to get your organization recognition as a HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Award recipient?

More and more healthcare organizations across the globe are looking to reach this top, industry-wide recognized achievement. HCI has found that there are 3 key milestones to achieving your HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 goal.

1. Choosing the Right Technology to Achieve Your Goal

When considering making the leap to HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7, an early consideration is technology. It is important to look over the criteria for HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 and consider if your existing suite of clinical applications and current EMR system allow you to achieve your goal. If not your current systems are likely to fall short, you will need to look in to switching to another, more advanced platform that supports pervasive adoption across your organization.

2. Go-Live & Optimization

After choosing the right technology, comes the go-live. If you’ve been through a go-live before, you’ll know amongst the 8 Strategies for an Effective EMR Go-Live, one of the most important things is to layout a well-planned strategy. This is key to starting out on the right foot for a successful go-live, and in this context, achieve the EMRAM Stage 7 Award. If your EMR has been implemented for some time, to support pervasive adoption by end users, there may be opportunity to optimize the existing EMR system. You will have spent a lot of your team’s time and energy implementing your new EMR system, but you’re not finished yet. You will need to mobilize your team to keep optimizing and working towards that Stage 7 goal.

3. Change Management & Organizational Buy-In

At some point in your journey to EMRAM Stage 7, you may be faced with cultural barriers, rather than technical ones. After the hard work spent on your EMR go-live, your team may be thinking ‘Why are we getting this HIMSS Stage 7 thing again?’.

In our recent webinar on Achieving EMRAM Stage 7, we spoke to Chad Brisendine and Jennifer Grell of St Luke’s University Health Network about this issue. St Luke’s has recently achieved EMRAM Stage 7 at all 7 of their hospitals, including the first hospital in New Jersey. Chad told us that to overcome this hurdle, he reminded the team it wasn’t about HIMSS Stage 7; it was about ensuring the organization had optimized EMR tools to enable quality and safety in caring for patients. One way that St Luke’s achieved this was to manage EMR optimization projects as performance improvement initiatives. By aligning all stakeholders with the shared goal of improving patient care quality and safety through optimization of electronic tools, the entire organization was engaged and mobilized. 

This final step comes down to the importance of clinical leadership, rather than IT. Therefore, it is essential to get organizational buy-in across the board to be successful in achieving the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Award.


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