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Introducing the Digital Healthcare Transformation Playbook

Posted by The HCI Group on March 30, 2020 at 7:28 AM

Digital unplugged (4)-1

Safely working from his home office, Ed Marx is ready to preview Part Three of his Digital Transformation Webinar series, entitled “Model for Digital Transformation”, which coincides with the release of his latest publication, co-authored with Paddy Padmanabhan, “Healthcare Digital Transformation” set to release in July 2020. His study belies the chaos of the multi-front war being waged against the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a recent Wednesday morning news conference, U.S. President Donald Trump went so far as to declare himself a “wartime president” and called upon U.S. citizens to make the sacrifices necessary to secure a “total victory” over the COVID-19 threat. Recent images of the National Guard deploying in the suburbs of New York City, the current heart of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., only serve to underscore President Trump’s bellicose language.

As public health officials are grappling with the fight at hand, Ed Marx, a former Army combat officer and field medic himself, is already turning to the future. How can health organizations apply digital transformation to prepare for future pandemics and other public health crises?

“Whether it’s COVID-19 or something else, this is not the last time. We are all in this fight. We are trying the best for our patients, our communities, our fellow caregivers. We will win this battle. There is a lot of good information out there about people sharing best practices and doing the right thing. When you are in a battle, you have to focus the majority of your thinking and resources on the task at hand, but you can’t overlook what will happen once the battle dies down…You have to be thinking about what’s coming up next, the refueling, resupplying, the rest, and building for the future, so the next battle you win more quickly, or avoid it through strong defense. This whole crisis has accelerated the need to develop a model to make sure your organization is prepared for the future.”

While Parts 1 and 2 of Ed’s webinar series gave a unified definition of digital transformation and contemplated what digital future in healthcare might look like, Part 3 of his webinar series focuses on presenting a practical model for future digital health transformations.

Ed likens this model to a modularized “playbook”. Healthcare organizations can use as much or as little of the framework as they see fit to achieve their desired goals. To emphasize this point, Ed plucks a well-worn army field manual for combat officers from one of his shelves, “What saved me, and what saves all 2nd Lieutenants in the heat of battle is this manual. If someone gives you an assignment to build a runway for C-130s, you open the manual and follow the recipe, while making adjustments based real-world factors.” Similarly, Part Three: Model for Digital Transformation” is designed to provide health organizations with a “recipe” for future digital transformation that can be adapted to achieve specific organization goals and win the healthcare wars yet to come.

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Part 3: Model for Digital Transformation| 16th April 2020 | 1pm EST

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