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Cyber Security: Handling Insider and Outsider Threats (Part 2)

Posted by The HCI Group on December 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM

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Cyber Security: Handling Insider and Outsider Threats (Part 2)

In part one of our series on cyber security, Ryan McDaniel discussed its importance, some examples, and the flaws of some traditional methods of breach prevention. In part two, he will go into detail on User Behavioral Analytics (UBA), and why it can be such a huge benefit to preventing a breach of your information.

1) What is UBA?

User Behavioral Analytics is an innovative technology that many healthcare facilities are deploying to significantly reduce PHI security risk within their organization. UBA, built around machine learning, facilitates monitoring and reporting of insider threat and comprehensive risk without the need for additional solutions and resources. UBA accomplishes this by capturing and integrating user data across all critical applications to establish “normal” user behavior profile. Once “normality” has been defined, UBA tracks deviations from “normal” behavior - these abnormalities comprise insider threat.

The HCI Group is leading the charge in the healthcare industry by helping organizations recognize gaps within their security practice, and assist them in identifying processes, solutions, and capabilities that can be readily adopted to significantly reduce their risk. This includes insider threat, which has become the biggest gap – and therefore the biggest risk – within healthcare today. This risk can be reduced substantially through the strategic deployment and structured adoption of UBA.

2) How Can UBA Assist Your Organization?

Many healthcare organizations have taken a more conventional approach to addressing insider threat. In this situation, you would have to assemble a huge team to monitor any users and all activity manually. Unfortunately, even at the small scale, this approach often complicates monitoring, increases costs, and does little to reduce risk. In contrast, deploying a UBA platform can provide a marked increase in comprehensive threat capture, while reducing costs and allowing your security team to focus on resolving issues - instead of just identifying them.

With the vetted and proven capabilities UBA provides today, adoption is both simple and can add significant for organizations at all levels, from novice to mature.

UBA is not only important to your organization as you work to secure your data, it is fundamental. If your current security planning does not account for insider threat and technologies like UBA, it is critical that your future security plans do. The security of your most critical data, that of your patients, potentially depends on it. UBA can dramatically expand both the value of your current security solutions and the capability of your healthcare facility to not only assess and capture comprehensive threat, but also to reduce – and in some cases, eliminate – the risks of breach.

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