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The Emerging Role of a Chief Digital Officer in Healthcare: A Conversation with Craig Richardville - Part I

Craig Richardville has been at the forefront of healthcare’s adoption of the position of chief digital officer. Long recognized as one of healthcare’s top chief information officers, Richardville took on the additional role of CDO at SCL Health...
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Stories of a Post-Modern Healthcare CIO (feat. Ed Marx)

The post-modern healthcare CIO is all about doing what hasn’t been done before — and moving into the future.  “They don’t sit around waiting. They’re pushing and experimenting,” says Ed Marx, Chief Digital Officer for The HCI Group. Marx shares a...
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16 Practical Steps to Advance Your Career as a Healthcare CIO (Feat. Will Conaway)

A C-suite executive leader of all things digital, the post-modern healthcare CIO is as literate and comfortable with technology as they are with clinical, operations, and finance.  Traditionally confined to managing IT, CIOs have been increasingly...
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12 leadership tips for a post-modern healthcare CIO (feat. Ed Marx)

As a business leader rather than a technology manager, a post-modern healthcare CIO becomes more valuable by creating value for their organization. “Your value is what you make of it,” says Ed Marx, Chief Digital Officer for The HCI Group. “You can...
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The Post-modern Healthcare CIO: What It is and How to Become One

A modern healthcare CIO may be able to thoroughly describe their organization’s IT strategy in terms of technical tactics like migrating to the cloud and doing app rationalization. But a postmodern CIO will relate their company’s IT strategy to the...
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Healthcare Cyber Security: Enabling Zero Trust

Healthcare organizations are taking a “never trust, always verify” approach to cyber security as threats emerge across their IT systems. Whether it is remote workers, IoT-connected medical devices, or vendors requesting access, more organizations...
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3 Areas of Focus for a new Healthcare Chief Digital Officer [Feat. Jeff Sturman]

By The HCI Group
October 12, 2021

Within just three years, the number of chief digital officers at healthcare organizations went from just 7 in 2017 to 33 in 2020, according to statistics that Hillary Ross, managing partner and practice leader for information technology at...
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The HCI Group attending HIMSS21 Global Conference

The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is the can’t-miss health information and technology event of the year, where professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for education, innovation and collaboration. Join The HCI Group...
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Robotic Process Automation: An Essential Co-worker for the Digital Age

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Healthcare Insights with John Lynn

During a recent DGTL Voices podcast, Ed Marx aimed to reverse roles with our esteemed guest, John Lynn. He is usually the man behind the microphone at Healthcare IT Today interviewing and talking to people about the latest and greatest news and...
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