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MEDITECH Consulting Corner: Kelly Moxon Interview

Posted by The HCI Group on July 1, 2019 at 10:52 AM

With over 20 years of experience as a registered nurse, Kelly Moxon brings a wealth of insight into her work as a MEDITECH Consultant.


Since 2002, Kelly has brought that insight into her work and has become a Subject Matter Expert with most MEDITECH clinical modules and is now READY Certified as a Project Manager, Clinical Lead, CPOE/eRx, Nursing, PAPD, Surgical Services, Pharmacy, ITS, MIS, and Patient Access Consultant.  Kelly has implemented & optimized advanced clinical applications in MAGIC, Client Server, 6.0/6.1, and Expanse.  She is currently working as the Project Manager and leading a team through an Expanse Implementation in South Texas.

How did you start in MEDITECH Consulting?

As an RN, I was asked to be part of a core team when my hospital implemented PCS in 2002.  I remained involved with IT as a super user/trainer and eventually joined the department as a clinical analyst.  After working in healthcare IT for 10 years and working with many knowledgeable consultants, I decided I wanted to be part of that world.  I have been consulting for 8 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and triumphs I have experienced.  

The HCI Group MEDITECH Services

What would potential clients want to know about you?

My years of experience in all sorts of care settings with all MEDITECH platforms has given me a wealth of knowledge.  I can provide invaluable support in many roles including, but not limited to, clinical/technical subject matter expert, analyst, and project manager.

Could you describe the scope of your most fulfilling project?

I like to live in the present. Therefore, I would say most fulfilling project to date is my current project. I am a confident and compassionate leader.  I find leading, teaching, and empowering an individual or a team to be the most rewarding work.  I am the project manager for my current project implementing MEDITECH Expanse in a community hospital.  I am leading a team of wonderful folks who are new to MEDITECH.  They have all met the challenge with great enthusiasm and I am very excited to see all they have learned and accomplished in the first 4 months of this 11 month project.  I am extremely proud to be part of the team.

How did your career experience help prepare you for success in this project?

My previous experience implementing Expanse has been very beneficial in preparing me to assist a team unfamiliar with the software.  Being not only the project manager but also subject matter expert for several applications is daunting but my experience with and understanding of the workflow/education challenges facing my team, has enabled me to assist them in avoiding potential pitfalls. Additionally, my past experience in working with physicians and supporting a Physician Advisory Committee (PAC), has been very instrumental in assisting my current client to develop their own PAC and to facilitate their work with other project stakeholders.

If you have an upcoming MEDITECH project and would like to schedule time with our team, please contact us today. We would be happy to help! 

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