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Webinar Series Launch - Digital Unplugged with Ed Marx
Posted by The HCI Group
on January 7, 2020 at 6:37 AM

Digital unplugged (2)-1

Relative to other sectors of the economy, healthcare has been slow to adopt digital. A decade spent in digitizing patient medical records with EHR system implementations has left many health systems unable or unwilling to invest in a new round of technology transformation initiatives.

However, consumer expectations and changing marketplace dynamics leave health systems with finite options. New and non-traditional competitors are emerging, many with comparatively unlimited resources and advanced technology capabilities, determined to reshape the markets. Many health systems have defaulted to their EHR systems to drive digital initiatives. Others are actively driving digital health innovation in focused areas, such as telehealth and patient access. A handful of leading health systems are reimagining their business models and driving digital transformation across all enterprise functions.

Leading consultant and advisor in the healthcare industry and former CIO at some of the nation's largest health systems, Ed Marx, explores how to enable enterprise digital transformation in a detailed webinar series. Author of the 2019 best seller "Voices of Innovation" and co-author of "Healthcare Digital Transformation", publishing in May, Ed has a wealth of experience to share with us and together with HCI we will define, outline and map your digital future in the Digital Unplugged Webinar Series.

Digital Unplugged Series Overview

  • Part 1: Digital Defined - Jan 30th
  • Part 2: Digital Future - Feb 27th
  • Part 3: Model for Digital Transformation - April 16th
  • Part 4: Architecting Your Digital Platform - May 28th
  • Part 5: How To Get Started - June 25th 

Each webinar consists of 30min sessions recorded live to allow full access for our global audience. Please ensure that you are registered for the right time slot for your time zone. Links for both will be provided. 

Part 1: Digital Defined

To start off the webinar series, we will first offer a definition of digital transformation, as well as assessing the current digital progression within the healthcare industry and looking at how big tech firms and non-traditional players are currently reshaping the markets. Each webinar in this series will outline key takeaways and action steps that you should be making in your own organisations, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask the questions that you have about healthcare digital transformation and get the answers you have been looking for from industry leader, Ed Marx. 

Please click here to watch the webinar recording

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