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St. Luke’s University Health Network’s Cloud Transformation Journey

After successfully implementing Epic across all of its sites in 2016 and 2017, St. Luke’s University Health Network decided to optimize its infrastructure and assessed the benefits of on-prem, hosting, and cloud. From these findings, St. Luke’s made...
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Why Digital Health Tools & Training are Key to Improving Community Health

Digital health tools can improve population health, individual wellness, and health equity when organizations, providers, and patients have proper access and training.  “Providing patients with apps that give providers information remotely can...
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EHR Optimization | 3 Crucial Steps to Ensure Success

When planning for an EHR Optimization, it is important to keep in mind that the installation of an electronic health record (EHR) is not a small task for any health system. For the implementation to be a success, extensive and proper preparation and...
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3 Ways to take your Healthcare IT Service Desk to the next level

Experienced service desk agents with exemplary customer service skills and expertise in clinical workflows are essential to delivering excellent IT support for healthcare providers. But such agents can be difficult to recruit and retain due to...
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Digital as a Tool, not a Strategy: A Conversation with Christopher Longhurst

In a recent episode on the DGTL Voices Podcast, Chris and Ed discussed the details and the importance of a Chief Digital Officers ability to collaborate with clinicians. Chris shared his story and explained how to get involved in CDO or CIO roles...
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How Partnerships can Transform Healthcare (Ft. Josh Sol & Nick Desai)

Partnerships are a crucial part of a successful team in any setting but especially in healthcare. In an episode of the DGTL Voices Podcast between The HCI Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Ed Marx, and Houston Methodist’s Josh Sol and Nick Desai, they...
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Hiring and Coaching Leaders to Transform Healthcare (Feat. Sarah Richardson)

Growing up in a philanthropic family that paid it forward, Sarah Richardson was raised to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do and to be nice because it’s hard not to be nice. As a CIO and life coach today, Richardson follows those...
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Transitioning to a Digital Business Leader: A Q&A with Ricky Caplin

“Digital transformation” was a distant concept when Ricky Caplin co-founded The HCI Group in 2009, but today it is the heart of what the company does and the essence of what it has become. As a global healthcare IT consulting firm, The HCI Group...
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A 4-Step Approach to Medical Device Security

When attacking a healthcare provider, hackers typically focus on the weakest link, which is often the organization’s medical devices. Attack surfaces have rapidly expanded as the number of medical devices connected to the internet has proliferated. ...
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The Emerging Role of a Chief Digital Officer in Healthcare: A Conversation with Craig Richardville - Part II

SCL Health Chief Information and Digital Officer Craig Richardville is among the industry’s first chief digital officers.   As one of the first CDOs, Richardville has been leading the drive to make healthcare a digital industry through innovation...
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