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Anything and Everything EMR: Best of Clinical Service Desk

Posted by The HCI Group on May 23, 2016 at 4:09 PM

This week in our blog series “Anything and Everything EMR: Best Of,” we cover our third topic, Clinical Service Desk. If you missed the first two posts, you can catch-up here (Best of Go-Live Support) and here (Best of EMR Clinical Adoption).

As we know, the investment in an EMR system is substantial. Yet the value, when optimized, reaches all facets of the organization. Swinging the balance from keep-the-lights-on (KTLO) activity, to that of focusing on system enhancements, is paramount to generating return on investment.

Anything and Everything EMR: Best of Clinical Service DeskFor many healthcare organizations, a dedicated Clinical Service Desk is the key to reducing incoming ticket volume and lowering the overall operational support cost of your EMR. In our post this week, you’ll find resources from our HIT library that weigh the advantages of incorporating a Clinical Service Desk into your organization.    

A note: Though several of these titles refer to an “Epic” Service Desk, the strategies presented are vendor-agnostic and applicable to any system.  If you’d like to speak with us about how a Clinical Service Desk could be implemented at your organization, please schedule a time here.        

1. Reduce EMR Support Costs and Call Volumes Post Go-Live: Webinar

In this webinar, COO Mike Sinno discusses how a client used the Clinical Service Desk, along with a dynamic data analytics dashboard, to achieve the following results in 9 months:

  • Reduce the overall volume of backlogged tickets aged greater than 30 days by 50%
  • Cut the average time taken to resolve tickets in half
  • Reduce the overall call volume by 32%
  • Significantly lower the cost of sustaining the EMR post Go-Live

2. Epic Service Desk: Why Should an Organization Invest?

In this video, Mike Sinno identifies three key reasons why an organization should invest in a service desk: (1) Efficiency (2) Cost (3) Clinician & Physician Adoption Satisfaction

View the Clinical Service Desk Dashboard

3. Beyond the Clinical Service Desk: Sustaining Your EHR in Austerity

In this interview, HCI Chief Strategy Officer, Cynthia Petrone-Hudock, takes some time to reflect on the need for a new approach to supporting healthcare IT applications in a way that increases efficiencies, while reducing cost.  As you’ll read, a compelling turn of events directed her path to the healthcare informatics industry. 

4. Epic Service Desk: Why Analytics Hold the Key

In this interview, Mike Sinno discusses ways to minimize the costs of supporting your EMR, while maximizing its benefits. Often, this reduction in cost can be realized without an increase in labor.    

5. Clinical Service Desk: 3 Areas to Strengthen Your Overall IT Support Model

In this video, Cynthia Petrone-Hudock identifies three areas of focus to improve your IT support model: (1) Tier 1 Resources (2) Data Intelligence (3) Skill Levels.

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