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Clinical Service Desk: 3 Areas to Strengthen Your Overall Support Model

Posted by The HCI Group on April 19, 2016 at 2:57 PM

Corporate Chief Strategy Officer and President, HCI International, Cynthia Petrone-Hudock, discusses three areas to strengthen your overall support model.

1. Tier 1: Capture & Triage Effectively

The first thing to concentrate on is Tier 1. You must make sure that the initial capture and dispatch level understands enough about the application that you’re bringing up from an electronic health record perspective to be able to take care of the easier calls and escalate those more difficult calls to the proper level.

2. Data Intelligence

The second area is really around data intelligence. There has to be an understanding of the types of calls and tickets that are coming in and the ability to use some business intelligence around that to filter those calls to the proper desk recipient and make sure that your capacity is equal to the volume necessary to resolve the issue. This applies whether they’re training calls that you may spin over to the Training Department, or maintenance type of tickets, versus break/fix.

3. Allocate Tickets to the Right Level

The third piece is having the right skill level. You don’t want to use your Tier 2, very expensive resource on a ticket that maybe able to be handled by a credentialed trainer, for instance. 

It’s really those three things: making sure you’re capturing all the calls and tickets in your Tier 1 and that they’re being triaged effectively, using data intelligence to watch those trends and get to the root cause, and then third, that you’re allocating the right resources at the right levels to keep your costs down over time. 

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