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Anything and Everything EMR: Best of EMR Clinical Adoption
Posted by The HCI Group
on April 11, 2016 at 12:24 PM

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Last week, we published the first chapter in our new blog series “Anything and Everything EMR: Best of Go-Live Support.”  If you missed the first post and would like a preview of what to expect in the series, you can still read the full blog, Best of Go-Live Support.

This week, we continue the series with our second topic, “Best of EMR Clinical Adoption.”  In this chapter, you’ll find the resources from our HIT library that take a closer look at the clinical side of IT.  CMIOs & CNIOs offer their expertise on how to navigate the evolution of healthcare IT from a clinician’s point of view.  

1.  EHR System Selection: 7 Tips for Transforming Clinical Care


Selecting the right EHR can transform your hospital’s patient and staff experiences.  In this white paper, you’ll read seven tips for transforming clinical care by choosing the right EHR system.

2.  Seeking the Value in HIT with Dr. Bill Bria

In this webinar, AMDIS Board Chairman and former CMIO at Shriners Hospital for Children, Dr. Bill Bria, discusses workflow analysis, process redesign, guidelines to improve clinical documentation, and the foremost CMIO compliance rules.

3.  Go-Live Clinical Adoption—10 Tips

This blog post takes a look at the importance of clinical adoption.  We identify tips for meeting the needs of your clinicians and physicians when implementing new technology.

4.  Meaningful Use to Meaningful Care: Dr. Bill Bria and Robert Steele

Dr. Bill Bria and Bob Steele, EVP of Clinical Services and former CNIO, discuss the complexities of balancing patient care and financial requirements within the healthcare industry.  They offer guidance on how to leverage technology and optimize workflows to help physicians and patients. Read the blog post here.

5.  Physician Engagement: Before, During, & After Go-Live

Nurturing physician engagement is the best way to ensure that all organizational goals are met throughout the duration of the installation.  This white paper guides you through the three different phases of EMR projects, while offering recommendations on how to encourage physician engagement during each phase.

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