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Our Top 5 Posts on Epic Staffing

Posted by The HCI Group on November 2, 2016 at 4:15 PM


The success of your Epic implementation depends on having the right people on your team. Whether you have recently signed Epic, need to support your build, have upcoming training and go-live initiatives, or need to augment your Epic team to support an upgrade, we’ve gathered together some of our most popular posts on building your Epic team.

1) You’ve Signed Epic: Now What?

Once you have signed your Epic contract, one of the first questions you will be asking yourself is “what’s next.” In this post, we gathered some of the best Epic subject matter experts in the industry to help guide organizations through the various stages of an Epic project. We gave comprehensive coverage on Epic, going over topics such as Staffing, Clinical Transformation, Go-Live, and Operational Support, to name a few.... Read it here.

2) Epic Implementation: Staffing Models to Help Lower Support Costs (Video)

This post included a video interview, where our COO Mike Sinno went over several types of staffing models that can help to lower the support costs of an Epic EMR. Mike discussed some tips on how to effectively leverage resources for break/fix maintenance, implementations and optimization efforts, and scheduled rounding.... Read it here.

3) 3 Epic Staffing Options You Probably Haven't Considered

Hiring Epic implementation specialists need not be cost-prohibitive or confining, and in this post, we discussed three alternative staffing options to consider when implementing your Epic system. We went over how properly hiring and deploying resources can help save money, meet deadlines, and manage your talent more effectively.... Read it here.

4) Epic Consulting | 4 Critical Questions to Ask Your Next Candidate

In the third part of our “Great Healthcare IT Consulting” series, we took a look at Epic consultants, with regards to how and why choosing the right consultant is crucial. In this post, we discussed a few questions you should be asking potential consultants in order to determine which is the best fit for your organization.... Read it here.

5) How to Become Epic Certified and Why You Should Do It

An Epic certification is awarded when Epic has deemed an individual as proficient within a given module, or set of modules. In this post, we gave a basic overview of Epic certifications – from why you should consider becoming Epic certified, to what having a certification can mean for you.... Read it here.

6) Extra: How HCI Can Help With Staffing an Epic Upgrade

As an added bonus, we have included this video, in which HCIs COO Michael Sinno went over three ways in which The HCI Group can help your organization during an Epic Upgrade:

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