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Epic Community Connect: Potential Implementation Challenges (Video)
Posted by The HCI Group
on March 31, 2016 at 9:53 AM

Scott Jacobs identifies 2 potential challenges when you're implementing Epic Community Connect.


A few of the challenges to these programs for the existing Epic customer—the hub who’s extending out—is that often these projects are given to the IT department.

1.Governance & Non-Core IT Competencies

There’s obviously a very large technology component to these projects, but there are also very large and very important components to these projects that don’t revolve around technology and are not IT departments’ core competencies; marketing, sales, contract negotiations, account management, accounts receivable, service desk are all areas that a typical corporate IT department may struggle with, as now they become a vendor of services, which they’re not used to being. The Service Level Agreements often are adequate for their corporate environment, but not adequate for a paying customer and the community. So I would say, from my experience, the challenges mostly revolve around governance and the non-core competencies that IT often doesn’t have.

2. This is Not an IT Project

Probably the most important one in my mind, is that this is not an IT project—it uses IT, but it is a strategic relationship project that happens to use technology as the ‘foot in the door’, so to speak, to the community. It should be treated with C level involvementcertainly with the CMIO, and other clinical leaders and champions in your organization. It cannot be championed wholly by an IT Director; it needs clinical medical leadership and a strategic component to that and be championed by the whole organization, not just the IT department.

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