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Epic New Version Training (NVT) and Epic Upgrades: Our Top 3 Tips
Posted by The HCI Group
on August 15, 2013 at 8:27 AM

Like any software, electronic medical records eventually receive newer versions of the product, providing both new features and changes to existing ones.

However, unlike most other software, these upgrades can be difficult to manage.

Though some of the changes can be somewhat imperceptible, such hot fixes to existing programming issues or solutions to other technical problems that may not necessarily be noticeable to end users, a large portion of what you’re getting in a newer version are things that will impact your employees on a daily basis.

1. Understanding the Epic Upgrade

The most important thing with an upgrade, bar none, is that your project teams understand the upgrade inside and out.  If your most knowledgable staff isn't sure what to expect in the new software, how can you expect your end users to stand a chance?

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