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PeopleSoft Upgrade vs. Reimplementation Review

Posted by The HCI Group on May 18, 2016 at 11:23 AM

Peoplesoft Upgrade vs. Reimplementation Review

In our latest guide, we consider the pros and cons of doing a traditional PeopleSoft upgrade, versus a full reimplementation. No matter the path you decide to follow, this will be an excellent opportunity to institute better and broader change mechanisms across your organization. Read on for an in-depth review. Instantly download your copy of the full review here.

PeopleSoft Upgrade Assessment

Best practices of upgrade evaluation align business objectives, relevant ERP value drivers, and technical infrastructure considerations to create a common sense

upgrade assessment. Some points to consider:

  • Are you experiencing increasing ownership costs of aging customizations/extensions?
  • Have ERP processes been decentralized?
  • Is your old ERP data model providing reliable information for making informed business decisions?

PeopleSoft Reimplementation Assessment 

The general rule of thumb for ERP products is - ‘either change your business rules to match the product - or change the software to match your business rules.’ During the decision making process, ask yourself:

  • Is your PeopleSoft system highly customized?
  • Have you used the PeopleSoft development tools extensively?  
  • Will you be bringing "old" practices into a new, future state environment?

Options – Upgrade vs. Reimplementation

Application functionality, technological enhancements, operational considerations,
and support availability are all important areas to consider as you evaluate your
option of upgrading versus reimplementing.      

For a comprehensive review of these points and more, click the link below to download the full paper. Keep up with the latest industry expertise and each new blog post by subscribing to the blog below.

Download the PeopleSoft Upgrade vs. Reimplementation Review

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