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MEDITECH Consulting Corner: Sheila Frazier Interview

Posted by The HCI Group on February 1, 2016 at 10:19 AM

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The HCI Group MEDITECH SupportWith almost 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, Sheila Frazier, BSN, MHCI, brings keen insight into her work as a MEDITECH Consultant.

An analyst since 2010, Frazier has broad experience in MEDITECH clinical modules, including radiology, pharmacy and obstetrics/gynecology. She is particularly experienced in working with MEDITECH sMagic 5.66 and Client/Server.

Web-based MEDITECH 6.x electronic health records systems (EHR) may be better suited for workspaces but the functionality is similar to previous versions and healthcare organizations can migrate to the newer release, Frazier said. She keeps learning new processes so that she can help her clients improve patient care and operate more efficiently by sharing her knowledge.

How did you start in MEDITECH Consulting?

I first got involved with it when a hospital that I was working for went live with computerized physician order entry in 2010. A few years later I was an analyst at another hospital when I became friends with some of the consultants. I hoped that I could do consulting as well and started to work as a consultant for HCI in 2013. 

The HCI Group MEDITECH Services

What would potential clients want to know about you?

The thing that has been most helpful to the client has been my experience as an RN. Being a nurse and having the level of experience and years of experience that I have as a clinical practitioner has been invaluable to the client. Whether looking at optimization or meeting meaningful use, my experience as an RN has helped me give them ideas and to help as quickly as possible.   

Could you describe the scope of your most fulfilling project?

I was brought on to fill in for an analyst while she was on maternity leave. I was able to use my master patient index (MPI) experience and expand on that and write reports and use past experience to take corporate screens and customize them for the facility. That was probably the most fulfilling for me because I worked without a lot of oversight and the people I worked for were so appreciative that they tried to keep me on full-time.

They knew that I understood MEDITECH software and could do whatever they asked me to do. They also knew that I could teach others what I had learned and that I didn’t try to keep that knowledge to myself.

First and foremost, I’m an educator. I love teaching and they were very appreciative of anything I could teach them. 

How did your career experience help prepare you for success in this project?

Because I was already an educator and my first job was as an order specialist I had spent a lot of time learning that particular position and then teaching the actual end users how to use the system, especially physicians who hadn't really touched a computer much before. Everything I had done up to that point prepared me to have the experience to give to them.

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