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ICD-10 Conversion Process: 7 Steps to Help You Prepare for Dual Coding

Posted by The HCI Group on November 15, 2013 at 9:39 AM

ICD-10_Dual_CodingICD-10 Transition Background

As we all know ICD-10 is  one of the biggest changes to healthcare providers since the creation of Medicare. Implementing ICD-10 will impact every IT system process and transaction that contains or uses a diagnosis or procedure code. It affects many aspects of business operations and technology alike. ICD-10 is not simply a refinement or expansion of ICD-9, rather, it represents a wholesale replacement of one coding system with another that is fundamentally different in terms of structure and logic.

The differences in structure and logic include several facets. First of all, the level of detail required to code is extensive including the requirement for laterality, body part, and methodology description. Secondly, the codes need to be built based on the documentation, making memorization more difficult.

Some of the limitations that exist with the current code structure are well documented, such as the limited ability to accommodate new procedures and diagnoses. We all know that ICD-9 lacks specificity and we can clearly see the value of ICD-10 because it provides more detail in ensuring more accurate payments for new procedures, fewer rejected claims, improved disease management and a plethora of other benefits.

In preparation for ICD-10 dual coding, here are a few areas that are critical in the conversion process for successful dual coding to take place.  

  1. Develop an Impact Assessment Strategy

  2. Conduct a Systems Inventory

  3. Develop Assessment Questions

  4. Conduct a Comprehensive Systems Assessment

  5. Review Vendor and Third Party Contracts

  6. The Provider/Payer Collaboration

  7. The Importance of End to End Testing In Preparation for Dual Coding Success




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