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Epic Upgrade: Single vs. Double Upgrade - A Review

Posted by The HCI Group on April 26, 2016 at 12:57 PM

Epic Upgrade: Single vs. Double Upgrade Review

In our latest white paper, we look at eight points to consider when deciding between a single or double upgrade of your Epic EHR: Training, Compliance, Downtime, Workflow, Maintenance, Technology, Precedence, and Special Updates.

Instantly download your copy here.

Epic Single Upgrade: Pros & Cons

A single upgrade of your Epic EHR system will probably be your simplest option. For example, your end-users will more quickly adapt to a version that is closer to your existing Epic software.  However, there can be downsides as well.  You could be costing yourself money in the long run by not investing in an even newer version that you'll use longer. These are just two of the many considerations involved.  In the paper, you'll find in-depth coverage of each point                    

Epic Double Upgrade: Pros & Cons

Though it will bring some added complexity, a double upgrade of your Epic EHR system may be most advantageous solution.  Concurrent upgrades to the newest version will reduce disruptions in clinical care, as you'll be limiting downtime compared to launching separate, single upgrade projects. However, when upgrading to the newest technology, you may encounter errors that have not yet been resolved. For instance, Reporting Shadow (RPTSHD) has a known bug for the 2012-2014 upgrade.    

Epic Upgrade Best Practices

Whether you decide to stick with a single upgrade or make the jump to a double upgrade, there are standard Epic Upgrade Best Practices that apply to both projects.  From planning, training and testing, to cutover support, we address all of the key points in this guide.  

After checking out this guide, if you'd like additional information about Epic Upgrade Best Practices and how to set yourself up for success, consider downloading our white paper on the 8 Essential Factors for a Successful Epic EHR Upgrade.   

For specific questions regarding financial concerns, take a look at our paper on Epic Cost Considerations

Download the Epic Upgrade Single vs. Double Review

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