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EHR Training Best Practices: Part 1 of 3

Posted by The HCI Group on August 22, 2016 at 4:07 PM

EHR Training Best Practices Part 1 of 3

If you are just beginning your new EHR Training program, one of the first questions you will probably be asking yourself is simple. Where do I begin? Whether you are wondering where to start or have already begun the training process, we know the best practices that can help your EHR Training project be successful.

Having led many of the nation’s largest EHR Training and Go-Live projects, HCI’s SVP of Training, Stephen Tokarz, has 18 proven best practices to help guide you through your EHR Training Program. In this post, we will start with the first six, beginning with:

Establish a Training Advisory Group (TAG)

Facilitate collaboration and buy-in among your information technology and operations teams by assembling a TAG 10-12 months prior to go-live. As this is an operational transformation project, be sure the TAG includes key members of your organization such as your CMIO, Nursing Directors, Ancillary Directors, Revenue Cycle Leaders, and communications team so you can assess and plan for your organization’s training goals holistically.

Computer Basics

Invest in a robust computer basics training assessment and put in place a thorough remediation plan for those that struggle with computer use. This will pay dividends when your physicians and staff attend EHR training.

Perform Tailored Training Calculator Analysis

The EHR Training Calculator provides a good starting point to determine how many training rooms and trainers you will need to deliver the program. However, it is imperative that you customize the calculator to the training tracks your organization will offer based on the scope of the project. When obtaining numbers of users to insert into the calculator you will want to promote collaboration among the training, ERP, and EHR security team. Ideally, you want to produce a matrix that maps job role, to EHR Security Template, to Training Track.

Download the EHR Training Guide 18 Best Practices

EHR Training Center/Room Planning

Based on the Training Calculator Analysis, identify the physical space in which to conduct training. If possible, a centralized facility is preferred to maximize use of training resources and streamline delivery. Once the space is set up, allow adequate time for testing of equipment and AV. Establish a clear SLA with technical support staff, as the facility will be operating 24/7. Remember to have adequate restroom access and refrigerators. Plan for how your physicians and staff will get to the training and whether or not meals will be provided. Work with a partner who has outfitted facilities for EHR training in the past to ensure success.

Operational Readiness and Early EHR Training Events

The introduction of your EHR may impact the daily work of staff within your organization. It is important to modify job descriptions and make sure they are aware of these changes well before training. Your training team can prepare your Subject Matter Experts to do this work by offering Frontrunner Training sessions. Frontrunner training should also be provided to those signing off on workflows and rewriting policies and procedures.

EHR Super User/Power Provider Program

Being a Super User/Power Provider is just not about receiving early training. It is imperative that they are engaged throughout the training cycle as part of a comprehensive program that provides them with a “t-minus” toolkit to be successful.

These are just a few of the best practices that your organization should consider when preparing an EHR Training program. The second installation in our EHR Training Best Practices series will include:

  • Backfill
  • Cyber Cafes and Playground Launch
  • Demos for Adoption
  • Credentialed/Experienced Training Program
  • Role Based and Realistic Training
  • Knowledge Management

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