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Data Migration Strategy: Defining Your Scope (Video)

Posted by The HCI Group on March 16, 2016 at 10:21 AM

In this post, Mark Jackson and Scott Hassler – VPs of Integration Services – discuss the importance of defining your scope for a data migration.


One of the key areas to watch out for is the definition of the scope for data migration. There are several different considerations when speaking about scope.

One is the client expectations of what data will be selected from the systems they are going to be extracting from—do you want the medications, do you want the allergens, do you want the problem list, do you want the results from the different clinical systems, what do you want to come into the system?

Then, you go into more of where that data resides. So, it’s now more a question of the use of the master of that data—what system do you need to go to extract that information out? A lot of ancillary systems contain the same information, just because of the interfaces that go between them. It’s really important to figure out where that master resides and then extract the information properly from that system.

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