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ICD-10 Dual Coding Webinar: Revenue Gamble?
Posted by The HCI Group
on October 1, 2014 at 3:38 PM

When done strategically, dual coding can have a significant impact on your organization’s bottom-line. With  the ICD-10 deadline only 12 months away, more and more organizations are adopting a dual coding plan in their conversion process. Taking these measures now has the potential to improve accuracy and save both time and money come October 2015.

Those who are holding off on implementing a dual coding program or, worse yet, have decided not to adopt one at all, run the serious risk of improper coding, denied claims, lost revenue and/or raising red flags for external audits. Creating a dual coding transition plan is key to successfully ensuring clinical documentation integrity is maintained. If you would like to hear more, sign up to our free 30 minute webinar hosted by HCI’s ICD-10 Practice Leaders.

ICD\u002D10 Webinar: The Benefits of Dual Coding

Here are some of the things you will learn during our 30 minute webinar:

1. ICD-10 Dual Coding Strategies

  • Minimize business disruption by providing coders, CDI specialists, and physicians with hands-on experience prior to the ICD-10 transition
  • Analyzing impact on revenue through payer collaboration

2. Benefits of ICD-10 Dual Coding

  • Validate end-to-end claims processing by internal departments, clearinghouses, and payers
  • Test claims edits, processing, and validate payer acceptance
  • Identify denial or payment variance issues and address root causes
  • Assess revenue impacts
  • Confirm accuracy of expected reimbursement programming
  • Dialogue with payer counterparts if contractual provisions require amending
  • Mitigate financial risk and define contingency planning

3. Roadmap Approach

  • Methodology and goals
  • Test accuracy of any ICD-9/ICD-10 crosswalks
  • Developing the ICD-10 workforce
  • Dual-coding cencentration areas

4. Real World Examples of ‘Lessons Learned’ 

  • Organizations who have already begun the transition
  • Training for coders
  • What to do and not do, from experienced subject matter expperts at the HCI Group

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