INTEGRIS Health’s Rapid Response Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program Built On ‘HealthNxt’ Recognized At CHIME21

Posted by The HCI Group on Nov 5, 2021 9:21:27 AM

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INTEGRIS Health’s Rapid Response Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program Built On ‘HealthNxt’ Recognized At CHIME21

Dr. Ben Mansalis, Chief Information Officer, INTEGRIS Health awarded ‘Innovator of the Year’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., November 5, 2021: Dr. Ben Mansalis, the Chief Information Officer of INTEGRIS Health has won the ‘Innovator of the Year’ award at CHIME21 Fall Forum, in recognition of his leadership and INTEGRIS Health’s lifesaving rapid response remote patient monitoring (RPM) program. The HCI Group, a Tech Mahindra company was INTEGRIS Health’s digital transformation partner for this implementation.

During the first COVID surge, INTEGRIS Health and The HCI Group collaborated to establish a Covid-19 rapid response RPM program in less than one week. The program was built on HealthNxt, Tech Mahindra’s fully-integrated, cloud-based virtual care enterprise platform designed to simplify patient experience by incorporating all the components of virtual care through a single digital front door. HealthNxt offers both patients and healthcare providers a single access point for all aspects of care including telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, AI-enabled symptom checking, e-consultations, reminders and other wellness tools, all underpinned by human-centered design.

The RPM program successfully minimized the need for actual hospitalization, with over 530 Covid-19 patients discharged from Emergency onto the platform to be monitored virtually. Other savings include the reduction of over 2,000 patient days and over $150K in PPE costs.

The RPM program was relaunched within 30 days of the second wave of Covid-19, leading to 140 patients enrolled in the remote care platform. The mortality rate for cognitive heart failure amongst Covid-19 positive transplant patients was reduced from 30% to 0%, and over 1,000 patient days were avoided.

“Saving lives and improving the quality of care is at the heart of why we developed the HealthNxt platform.” said Edward Marx, Chief Digital Officer of The HCI Group. “Working with INTEGRIS Health during the peak of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were racing against time to implement a holistic solution that will empower both patients and caregivers with tools needed to be in control of health and medical care. We are pleased that our solution, built on the HealthNxt platform, helped minimize the burden on the healthcare system while saving lives of the vulnerable and sick. We congratulate Dr. Ben Mansalis for this recognition and look forward to continued success working with INTEGRIS Health.”

"I am honored and delighted to have been selected for this prestigious award," said Dr. Ben Mansalis, Chief Information Officer, INTEGRIS Health. "As an organization, we are committed to leveraging innovative technologies which improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. In Tech Mahindra/HCI Group, we found the right digital transformation partner whose technology and domain leadership will help us deliver nxt-gen solutions across the patient care continuum."

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