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7 Essential Items Every McKesson Horizon Customer Should Be Considering
Posted by The HCI Group
on April 23, 2015 at 12:22 PM

7 Essential Items Every McKesson Horizon Customer Should be ConsideringIt’s not a good feeling. As the CIO of multi-faceted health system that is currently using McKesson’s HORIZON© suite of applications throughout your system, you’re now faced with a decision, a myriad of decisions actually.

The coffee in your “World’s Best (you fill in the blank)” mug has grown cold again. You’ve been studying the papers on your desk, one piece of paper in particular… As you pick up the letter from McKesson, the IT equivalent of a Dear John letter, you can’t help but think that it just seemed like yesterday that you had finished the Go-live of the final hospital, that quaint little 80-bed facility in the farthest reaches of your health network, and now, more decisions loom, more projects to plan.

Chances are, you’ve been discussing this day, but it’s time to stop procrastinating and begin developing a strategy for moving forward.

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