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White Paper: Designing Smart Hospitals and Patient Rooms with 5G

Posted by The HCI Group on February 13, 2019 at 1:42 PM

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A Fresh Approach with 5G

The drive to modernize the delivery of healthcare IT is unprecedented in history. More than ever, new innovation is needed to deliver healthcare services, protecting patient data and reducing medical errors, and technology play a vital role in the transformation of this industry. The ability to deploy technology to enhance patient care and safety starts one hospital at a time and depends on the adoption of smarter technology solutions. Hospitals by their nature are large, complex facilities that are expensive to build and even more expensive to maintain. Walk through most hospitals in the United States and you can trace a timeline of modern computing technology on the walls, ceilings, data centers and departmental systems.


HCI's Ken Bradberry, CPHIMS - Senior VP & CTO has composed a white paper on Designing Smart Hospitals and Patient Rooms with 5G that focuses on the following key considerations:

  • 5G in and out of the Hospital 
  • 5G Hospital Infrastructure
  • Frequency Selection
  • Patient Identification and Tracking

Click here to access your copy of Designing Smart Hospitals & Patient Rooms with 5G

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Topics: 5G, Healthcare Innovation

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