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How to Improve Physician Adoption with Peer-to-Peer Training

Posted by The HCI Group on April 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM

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How to Improve Physician Adoption with Peer-to-Peer Training

No one knows how a physician works as well as another physician.

Peer-to-peer training improves physician engagement during an EHR implementation because clinical users get knowledge and support that is relevant to how they care for patients.

In working with colleagues, physicians can increase efficiency and improve documentation by applying shortcuts and best practices that they might not have learned otherwise.

Conversely, physicians may adopt new practices more slowly, thus impairing their productivity, if you fail to engage them early and to provide them with peer-to-peer training. Concerns that could have—and should have—been handled early on become impediments at go-live instead.

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